Automatic Book Binding Machine

Perfect Binder iCE BINDER BQ-500


The BQ-500 excels at and is the most productive binder for book-of-one production. In addition, productivity is increased on longer runs with decreased set-up time and improved system effi ciencies. HIGH QUALITY – A uniquely designed template feature produces high quality books even with a non-skilled operator. Knowledge from a skilled operator can be stored in custom templates to produce consistent high quality books by any operator. EVA & PUR – The BQ-500 supports both EVA and PUR hotmelt glue. Two diff erent tanks are available and interchangeable for each glue type. CONFIGURATION FLEXIBILITY – The system can be connected with various options to extend capabilities. A cover slitting unit, cover reject unit, elevator unit, glued book block feeder, loose sheet book block feeder, and in-line three knife trimmer are all available options with the BQ-500.

Perfect Binder BQ-280PUR

Superior binding quality and effi cient operation.

PUR Perfect Binding – High quality PUR binding is assured with dual application drums and separate EVA / PSA side glue application. Drum application enables production of one to one variable thickness books with maximum quality control. Extended spine length – Maximum book size is 385 x 320 mm/ 15.15″ x 12.59″ and the maximum book thickness is 51 mm/2″. Variable thickness production – Built in thickness caliper provides greater production effi ciency for instant changeover and variable thickness book production. The BQ-280PUR provides unsurpassed production effi ciency in a single clamp binder. EVA Glue – Low temperature EVA glue (140 °C / 284 °F or below) can be used. The system can be used for both PUR and EVA with the same tank.

Perfect Binder BQ-270V

Professional quality from a binder that’s simple to setup and easy to use. Automated book thickness caliper comes standard for greater production effi ciency.

User-friendly and Highly Accurate Binder – Horizon’s expertise in binding and advanced automation combine to allow even low-skilled operators to produce professional quality books. User-friendly operation and precision automation achieve short set-ups with little or no make-ready.

Quick Setup – All setups can be done instantly by simply inputting book block and cover information into the 10.4” color touchscreen. A changeover from A4 to A5 size book can be completed in 10 seconds.

Perfect Binder BQ-160

Simple touchscreen operation and an efficient binding procedure achieves production rates up to 180 cycles per hour.

Color Touchscreen – A graphical icon-based color touchscreen is provided for easy set-up and operator navigation.

Notching Section – The double-pass notching function produces strong book binds.Notching can be easily set ON or OFF from the touchscreen.

Glue Tank Section – Uniquely designed glue tank ensures superior glue application to the book spine for quality binding.

Perfect Binder BQ-160PUR

True book of one PUR bound book production with simple operation.

– Suitable to produce personalized photo book production such as wedding albums and travel albums.
Perfect binding, tape binding and lining binding (for case binding) can be performed.

– Up to 40 mm/ 1.57” thickness of book can be produced.

– Optional CRB-160 impact creaser can be on-line to prepare creased (up to 8 line) cover.

Creaser CRB-160

Superior binding quality and effi cient operation.

– Impact scoring position is set automatically according to the book thickness inserted into the BQ-160.

– Clean and sharp impact creases can be made even with heavier and laminated stock.

– Stand alone model is also available with an integrated touch screen operation console.

– A wide variety of impact scoring patterns can be selected from the touch screen.

– Suitable for crease covers, restaurant menus, greeting cards and all digital print applications.

Table-top Perfect Binder BQ-P60

Superior binding strength and compact desktop design make this the ultimate office binder

Easy operation – The display indicator lamps on the operating panel guide you through the simple operating steps

High productivity – 180 cycles/hour

Professional binding quality – A cover is glued to the book spine and then clamped to create an attractive finished appearance

Flexible binding styles –Choose from three different binding styles — Cover Binding, Tape Binding, Pad Binding